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The Patch Driver Development and Alpha Training Solutions are now partners in training!

A Company Committed to Road Safety

Fully Mobile Driving Simulator

Simulator Technology has been here since Link Trainers in World War II. Now the newest technology is available to you at an effective cost.

Space Technology Here and Now In a Safe Environment

Space, Airlines, Railroads, Ship Lines. They all have one thing in common: They use Simulators to provide weeks of experience in a safe environment.

The Simulator Advantage

All of the Experience--None of the Danger

A Potential Fire Captain A Fully Functioning Truck Cab

“I thought I’d have an easy ride to the Rockies, with a fine horse carrying me.

Instead I’m having a tough walk to Edmonton with me carrying the horse.”

-Sam Steele NWMP

'Men hired for this job will be required to work and live under the most extreme conditions imaginable, Temperatures will range from 90 degrees above zero to 70 degrees below zero. Men will have to fight swamps, rivers, ice and cold. Mosquitoes, flies and gnats will not only be annoying but will cause bodily harm. If you are not prepared to work under these and similar conditions, do not apply.'

Recruitment notice Alaska Hwy

Discussion Paper: Are resource roads a workplace?

Resource Roads

Road Fatalities 1999-2009

We are pleased to offer a complete training package for all new and experienced drivers. We can take a new class five or any driver and turn him or her into a Class One driver with all safety tickets.  One phone call is all it takes. We do the rest.

Let our instructors show up at your workplace.  On Site training is available locally at no extra cost--with or without our High Tech Training Simulator. Out of town training is available.  Call us for costs.

Work Schedules Conflicting with Driver needs?

Our Instructor Comes to You!

We Can Come to You

Our company has set the goal of developing driver skills throughout the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with any size class from three to thirty. By special arrangement The Patch will provide courses for a single driver at no extra cost to you.

Our Goal is Driver Development First!

Small Class Sizes in the Simulator Mean More Driving Time




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Improving Road Safety – One Driver at a Time

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